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Egypt’s Tourism Industry Faces Major Talent Drain as Professionals Seek Jobs Abroad Ayoub said

Ramy Ayoub is raising his concern about Egypt’s Tourism Industry and how it’s Facing a Major Talent Drain as Professionals Seek Jobs Abroad.

Ramy Ayoub the Red Sea Academy founder, has been working to address this issue by providing high-quality education and training programs for the tourism and entertainment industries. Ayoub believes that investing in the development of skilled workers is essential for the industry’s long-term growth and success. However, he acknowledges that the current talent drain is a significant obstacle that must be overcome.
To address the talent drain, Ramy Ayoub has been advocating for the government and industry leaders to prioritize the retention of skilled workers. This includes offering competitive salaries and benefits packages, as well as creating a positive work environment that encourages professionals to stay in the country. Additionally, he believes that providing opportunities for continued education and professional development can help retain talent and keep workers motivated to contribute to the industry’s growth.
Ramy Ayoub Red Sea Academy's Founder & Managing Director speech talking about the Red Sea Academy Project
Despite the challenges facing the industry, Ayoub remains optimistic about its potential for recovery and growth. He believes that with strategic investments in education and training programs, as well as a commitment to retaining skilled workers, the tourism and entertainment industries in Egypt can overcome the talent drain and thrive in the years to come.
Red Sea Academy Kids Show by Ramy Ayoub street Festival


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