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Arm plastic surgery with Dr. Mohamed Ashraf El Meligy

Here we will discuss everything related to arm plastic surgery in Egypt, the best arm lift surgery doctor in Egypt, the side effects of arm liposuction, tips to be followed after the procedure, and the cost of arm lift surgery in Egypt. Follow up with us.

Arm plastic surgery in Egypt

What is the process of tightening the sagging of the arms? Or what is called liposuction of the arms?

It is a cosmetic procedure that works to get rid of the sagging and skin tags in the arms area, which often occurs due to the increase in the amount of fat in them, and this process is not only extracted from the skin tags, but also works to tighten the supportive tissues that define and highlight the shape of the arm.

Causes of sagging arms

  • Significant weight loss, especially those that occur quickly, such as when following harsh diets or after performing various obesity treatment surgeries, such as gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and others.
  • Aging and the resulting loss of skin elasticity.
  • Excessive intake of fat that is stored under the skin.
  • Having a hormonal imbalance, especially with an increase in estrogen, which leads to an increase in body sagging.
  • Not paying enough attention to hydrating the body.
  • Lack of regular exercise.
  • Not paying enough attention to fluid intake.
  • Sagging skin after liposuction.

Can anyone undergo arm lift surgery?

A person can undergo arm liposuction if the following conditions are met:

  • To be an adult and over 18 years of age.
  • That the person enjoys a state of stability in weight because any change in weight affects the result of the operation.
  • The person does not suffer from any serious physical diseases such as heart disease, diabetes or blood thinning.
  • The person does not suffer from any skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, rashes and other diseases that could cause an internal infection during the operation.
  • The person should not be a smoker.

How is the arm lift operation performed?

  • The doctor first sterilizes the area of ​​the arms well and then anesthetizes the patient, and the anesthesia here is often complete.
  • The doctor makes a surgical incision in the arm that enables him to insert the liposuction tool in order to get rid of any fat in the arms first.
  • The doctor uses scissors to remove sagging and skin tags on the arm.
  • The doctor finishes the operation by re-suturing the surgical incision on the new skin, then attaching the arm to one of the compression bands to maintain the result of the tightening process.
arm lift surgery

My experience with arm lift surgery

Fat accumulates greatly in the arms, I am a large number of women in getting rid of that accumulated fat, and there are some ways that women use to get rid of this problem, there are those who follow exercise, such as swimming, walking and other sports, but there are those who perform a tightening process The arms, which showed impressive results during that period.

The owner of the experience says that she was suffering from flabby arms and was following a healthy regimen to get rid of flabbiness, and I used to swim, but she felt that she was unable to move and do the tasks required of her on a daily basis, so she decided to do an arm lift to get rid of this exhausting problem for her Indeed, she performed the operation and got rid of sagging arms very successfully.

Arm lift surgery cost in Egypt

The price of arm sagging surgery in Egypt varies between centers and others according to many factors that determine it exactly, and the most important of these factors are:

  • The cost of the initial examinations required by the doctor before the operation.
  • Cost of anesthesia and sterilization of surgical instruments used.
  • The price of the surgical center or the outpatient clinic in which the operation is performed.
  • Also, the cost of arm lift surgery may vary depending on the experience of the treating physician and the remuneration of the medical assistant team.
  • The size of the sagging in the area.
  • Will sagging be removed from only one arm or both arms?
  • The type of technique used in the stretching process.

Arm plastic surgery with Dr. Mohamed Ashraf El Meligy

Dr. Mohamed Ashraf El-Meligy is considered one of the best doctors in this field. He is a consultant plastic surgeon – Cairo University. Fellow of the Dutch Society of Facial Plastic Surgery (DAFPRS). Member of the International Society of Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), and has experience in performing arm lift surgery, as he has performed many arm lift surgeries using modern and advanced techniques in the field of plastic surgery, in addition to the excellent medical services he performs to ensure the success of the operations.

If you have any questions regarding the operation, leave it to us in the comment, or to know more details about the cost of arm aesthetics in Egypt. Or message us on our Facebook and Instagram page.

For reservations, call us at the following number: (01200035330) Dr. Mohamed Ashraf El Meligy Clinic for Plastic Surgery.

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